Liquor VS Liqueur Liquor and liqueur are two words most Americans don’t understand.  Literary junkies call words like this false friends. False friends are words in two languages (or letters in two alphabets) that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning. Now that we have that covered, let’s chat about liquor for a bit. Keep in mind, the term liquor does not include beer, wine, or cider, as they are only fermented but not distilled.  Liquor refers to distilled beverages, some people call them spirits -…Continue Reading “Liquor Vs Liqueur”

Photo via Balcones Distillery In 2008, Balcones Distillery began to make whiskey in Waco, Texas. And over the years they have given us several great small batch releases. One of my favorites is the FR.Oak – a single malt finished in french oak barrels. Goodness, what a gem that was. On Saturday, November 12, Balcones will be showcasing their new downtown location. I suspect it will be one hell of a good time. Tickets went on sale on Monday in Waco and  sold out fairly…Continue Reading “Balcones Debuts New Distillery”