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jim-murrayYou may not know it yet but Jim Murray has your dream job. For the past thirteen years, he has published his yearly Whiskey Bible! With this edition, he boasts to have reviewed over 4,600 whiskies from across the globe.

4,600. That number just blows my mind. If Jim drank everyday for a year, that would mean he would have to drink 12.6 different whiskies daily. But let's assume he only works during the week and doesn't take his work home with him. As a Brit, he probably takes four weeks for holiday thus leaving 232 working days on the calendar. That equates to Jim drinking 19.8 whiskies a day.

If I ever meet Jim, I'm going to ask him a few questions, "Jim, how do you track all that whiskey? Do you have a database? Do you take naps? 'Cause sometime I get sleepy after drinking whiskey. What do you use as a palette cleaner - gelato maybe? 'Cause I love gelato!"

On that note, The Whiskey Exchange has released the cliff notes version for the 2017 Whiskey Bible.

Only 5, 200 Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon™ released to the wild.

The best is, Texas owned Garrison Bros Cowboy Bourbon has taken home US Micro Whiskey Of The Year in the American Whiskey Category and Best Bourbon 9 Years and Under for the second time. Granted, I haven't seen the book yet but this post does not include any notes on the Garrison's Flagship or Single Barrel release. 

If you have not had the opportunity to try the Garrison Bros Cowboy Bourbon, you may be out of luck. This outlaw has become a unicorn of sorts. Priced around the $200 mark, the 2015 release boasts 750ml of cask strength bourbon at 135 proof. I am not sure if they are still there, but a few months back I found a case of Garrison Bros Cowboy Bourbon at Goody Goody in Addison, TX.  It may be your last chance to lasso one in before the 2017 release. Let me tell you, it is worth every penny as this Cowboy was 100% created, distilled and raised in Texas.  

Hats off to the the Garrison Family - Dan, Nancy, Donnis, JD, Rev, Jack, Sam, Chris, Brent and Kaitlin. 

If you ever want to go see their process they welcome visitors Wednesday thru Sundays at 10, Noon, 2 and 4. Just keep in mind you can't buy any bottles on Sunday due to Texas' antiquated liquor laws. Sounds like we need to need to be bugging our lawmakers!

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