A Texas Bourbon In London

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I have been holding my lips on this for a while now. About a month and a half ago, I went to visit my friends at Iron Root Republic. And they quickly mentioned this beautiful opportunity. 

Berry Bros & Rudd and Ironroot Republic teamed up to release a Texas Bourbon in London.

You might be asking yourself how this happened. 

How about some back story?

Texas became a sovereign republic on March 2, 1836 and remained free until February 19, 1846. Oh and how Texans love to remind people of that one fact. I love Texas, but there are aspect of our Independence that weren't pretty - our currency wasn't worth more than the paper it was printed on and we had a growing deficit. If you need a quick reminder, you should head over to the Bob Bullock Museum.

During those 10 years of freedom, Texas made pointed effort to build Legations in DC, Paris and London. In 1842, the Republic of Texas occupied the second floor of a building at No. 3 St. James’s Street, just above Berry Bros & Rudd and resided their until 1845. However, Berry Bros & Rudd have occupied the space since 1730 and still utilize the space today.

Berry Bros & Rudd have an extensive history. However, the Cliff Notes version would include the creation of Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky in 1923 and the acquisition of Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt in 2010. 

Fast forward 170 years and you have a merchant leader like Berry Bros & Rudd reaching out to our friends at Ironroot Republic from Denison, TX.  This week, these two forces have released Texas Legation Batch No. 1. This leads me to believe that the UK will see more releases in the future. Brothers Robert and Jonathan Likarish aged their bourbon over the last while Berry Bros & Rudd's Spirit Buyer Doug McIvor married a balanced bourbon.

For you spirit geeks out there, this bourbon is the marriage of three different batches of 95% yellow, 5% purple corn and 5% red corn; and 95% yellow corn, 5% rye aged in four American and finished in two European oak casks.

Now you might be wondering, how do I get my hands on this? Sadly, all of this great Texas bourbon is reserved for our friends in London. I know sharing is hard. But if you ask nicely, I will share one of the bottles I am importing. 


Hmm ... maybe one day, the Bob Bullock Museum and I can pair up for a Texas Spirits party! 


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